How To Be A Fire Ninja

How To Play Card Jitsu Fire
First off, if you are a ninja and a member you will recieve this message in your inbox.

Click go there. Once you are in the Volcano/Fire Dojo, Go to Sensei and talk to him.

Talk to him and get the “Fire Booster Deck.” Go back and talk to Sensei. When the list appears, click “Earn Your Fire Suit”

By going to the “Earn Your Fire Suit” every time instead of the mats, you will be able to gain more “power” faster to get to the next level.

How To Play
Playing is really simple once you get used to it. In fact I picked it up in two minutes!! Here’s how it works. There will either be 1, 2, or 3 opponents. When it is your turn, Do the following.

  1. Click one of the 6 stones that will appear in the middle of the lava.
  2. When you click 1 stone in the middle, 2 stones with an element will appear for you to pick from. (They will glow)
  3. Say the element Fire is one of them and you click it, You and your opponents will then choose from your deck of cards, the highest fire you have and whoever has the highest will win!
  4. If you loose you will loose 1 energy. A energy is the number next to the penguin. The numbers range from 1-6. You start out with 6 and if you loose you get one taken away.
  5. To get 7 or more you will have to wait until you can dual someone. If you win then you will get 1 extra energy and the opponent will loose 1.

Here are some examples to help explain a little better.
1.) Step 1, The six stones that you will need to choose from. When its your turn they will glow,

2.) In this example I won. Here’s how I won. I picked my highest Fire card when the Element Fire was up for battle.

**^Notice in the picture above, the numbers next to the penguins, Mine has a 2, the others have a 1 and a 2. I would win the whole thing (1st place) if I won the next two “battles”**

3.) In this example I loose. Here is how I lost. The Element Fire was up but I didn’t have a high number. One of the other opponents had a higher Fire Element and beat me. Therefore I lost 1 energy and he got to keep 1 energy.

4.) So after you play for awhile you will either get 1st, 2nd, 3rd, or 4th place. 1st is the best and will give you more progress to the next level. No matter what any place will give you some progress.

Get the jist? Here’s another tip that may help! When you click “Earn Your Fire Suit” you will wait for other players. It is easier to have only 1 or 2 other opponents because the game will go by faster but, Most of the time you will play with 3 other opponents.

First Level-Flame Sandals
You will have to play a few games depending on how well you do. If you get 1st place a lot then you won’t have to play as much. You can check how far you are to getting the prize by clicking on the 3 cards on the bottom right corner of the screen. Here I am about 44% away from getting the sandals.

Once you have gotten 100% in the bar Sensei will reward you with the Sandals. (Foot Item)

Level Two-Magma Coat
You will have to play a few more games than you did before because it’s a new level but don’t worry! It won’t take to long if you work hard! Same rules apply and you will be able to see your progress the same way.

Like before, once you reach 100% on the bar Sensei will reward you with the Magma Coat! (Body Item)

Level Three-Lava Mask
With it being a new level you will have to play even more. Same rules will still apply and you can still check your progress.

When you reach 100% on the level then Sensei will reward you with the Lava Mask (Face Item.)

Level Four-Fiery Helemt
The same rules will apply as the previous levels. This level you will have to play in the most because it’s the final level.

Like before reach 100% and you will be rewarded with the Fiery Helmet! (Head Item

What Is The Final Thing To Do To Become A Fire Ninja?
The last thing you will need to do is battle Sensei! Sensei is this version of Card Jitsu is really easy to beat and I beat him in only one try!

When you challenge Sensei and don’t beat him the first time, don’t worry every time you play him, he gets weaker.

Once you beat Sensei, you will get rewarded a red “cover” on the Fire side of your amulet & you will be officially named a Fire Ninja!!

I hope this helped and be patient! You will become a Fire Ninja sooner or later!

*Note: ^The Fire side of the amulet lights up red in the Ninja Hideout when you have became a Fire Ninja!*
I hoped this helped everyone out! Please comment this page if you have any question or concerns or just any comment! Thanks.


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  1. how do you enter the fire ninja hideout??????? pleaze tell me ,I will be your best frened ps. if you dont i will take over your website lol

  2. Holden: It’s not a very appropriate comment about the site but, to get into the Fire Dojo you will need to be a member. You will also need to be a Ninja. If your a Ninja, enter the Ninja hideout and buy the Amulet in the Martial Arts catalog. Once you have bought the amulet click the stone on the left with the image of a small fire symbol on it. The door will appear then just walk into it.


  3. i am a fire nija and i beat sinsa but i can not find the secret door i saw the red part light up and i have the red part of the amulit do i need all colers on the amulit to open the fier master door pleas ancer.

    Swiminn6 Said: The doors that were supposed to show up were the doors that actually let us into the Fire Dojo. Sorry about one of my previous posts that said something about a secret door.

  4. almost almost need helmet helmet helmet

  5. i have only shhes

  6. well i am struggling with the last part the fire mask. I keep thinking i need too win like 7 or 10 matches to get at least one thing. 🙂

  7. any tips cuz the things were just pics. 😀

  8. uhh good job cant wait to become member lol, be4 i do somthing, i just reserch it. makes job a whole lot easier.


  10. your good at the cheats waddle on!

  11. I wonder wht next

  12. i wonder what next

  13. Hi
    I really want to be a fire ninja! Please can you give me tips or make me one!

  14. i know how to become invisible and make fire near ur arms to get fire near u dance+ invisible power wave!

  15. did you do this in one day its very cool were does that secret door go to?

  16. plz give me a membership code plz T_T email

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  22. Hi everyone im not a member and i really really want to be a fire ninja so could you please send me an unused member code.I would really appreciate it.

  23. what do you do after you get your fire ambelet and become a fire ninja

  24. whats your password

  25. i am a fire ninja

  26. it is so easy

  27. thanks for telling me how to be one. you rock!

  28. 🙂

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